Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Streaming Stainmore - Water Nuisance!

Adding The Streams and Rivers

The River Eden Passes Under the Stainmore Line at Kirkby Stephen East
  An important feature in any 
route, are accurately depicted rivers and streams. In recent weeks, Ben has been carefully laying down the streams that crisscross the areas surrounding our route. Here we present a pictorial update on this aspect of the route build. 
  The starting point for this route build is Kirkby Stephen East, a junction station for the Stainmore and Eden Valley routes. Just beyond the station, heading east, the railway passes over the River Eden. At 90 miles, this river stretches north, passing under Hadrian's wall and enters the Solway Firth, near the mouth of the River Esk.
  The line crosses various becks, streams and rivers across the Stainmore route from the River Belah, to the River Greta - we'll try and make sure they're all there!
Ay Gill Beck meanders away alongside and under the route for a considerable distance
Becks feed into each other high up on the moor
Another beck flows from the south, under the railway and into Ay Gill Beck
Now two becks meet and form the River Greta
The River Greta now runs near the line for a distance, the line only moving away from the river near Bowes

That's it for today's report on progress. Thanks for reading!

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