Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Start of an Epic Journey

Barnard Castle Takes Shape
  In the latest edition of our 'In Development' blog posts, we take a look at the start of the Stainmore Route, at it's eastern-most point, at Barnard Castle. 

  A station opened at Barnard Castle in 1856. However, it was soon realized that this station would not be sufficient to serve the future needs of the site. A new station was constructed and opened in 1865, leaving the old station to become a goods shed. We are of course modeling the 1865 station, with the track layout representing the railway in it's latter years, but before significant running down began. Please note that the following pictures represent the route as a work in progress, with many details yet to be added. We hope you enjoy the following images.
The south side of the station, as seen from the station yard. The 1865 building was made from an attractive yellow sandstone
The 'train shed' can be seen to good effect in this view of the north side of the station. We look west. The Stainmore route heads off into the distance
Looking at the west end of the station, with the 1949-built canopy
A passengers view, looking towards the main platform, under the train shed. Note the impressively modeled cast-iron scrollwork
Looking north east across the station site
North Eastern Railway trespass warning sign positioned in the station yard 
Looking west towards the station. On the left is a placeholder signal box and the level crossing ahead. The level crossing was controlled from the east signal box. Hopefully we can replace the level crossing with something which fits better. The left-hand line accesses the east bay, which was lifted in 1954. Out of shot, to the right, is an engine shed and turntable
Behind the station, to the south, is a short NER goods branch. The original Barnard Castle station was along this line
The site of the original Barnard Castle station, now the site of a goods depot. Note the coal drop. These were found throughout the system, at various stations and yards along the line.
  So that how Barnard Castle looks at the moment. Lots of finer details are to be added, including: Point rodding, signals and much more.

More soon..........................

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