Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Little Details

  A reliable source tells us that these were see on many platforms on the Stainmore line:
  It is a dog bowl. Apparently dogs are suckers for adverts too! Was the choice of advert trying to tell them something??!! I think the bowl next to it, slightly out of shot, is sponsored by Trebor Extra Strong Mints!!

  Anyway, as you are coming to notice with this in-development route, we are keen on those little details. So, we present, for the first time EVER in Train Simulator(??), a dogs bowl!!

  Sticking to the theme, humans needed reminding of the need for cleanliness too:

  A gentleman who used to travel the route 50+ years ago, informs us that the above enamel signs were seen throughout. Expect to see lots of these on our interpretation of this fantastic railway!

  Changing tack slightly, we come to an issue with route building, that can seriously slow down scenery placement work. That of placing foliage on undulating land. Often, each individual asset placed will need lots of adjustment, in order to sit correctly on the land. Well, Ben has created a simple means(the creation of which was far from simple!) of placing lines of foliage on rolling land. As some of you may be aware, recent DTG route have contained flexi-blocks - lines of houses, where each house sits automatically on the ground. As a development from this concept, Ben has created flexi-bushes! Basically, that means that lines of bushes can be placed quickly, even on rolling hills where the contours of the land would usually bring route building down to snails pace! Here are some images showing hedges and bushes laid out using this new method:

As you can see in the top right image, the line of bushes goes over the hill, and remain planted(sorry!) to the ground.

  The above post may have been a little light-hearted, but just to prove the seriousness of the project, here's a picture of Belah Viaduct. I'm sure like me, you can't wait to cross this iconic structure, at the regulator of an Ivatt 4MT!

More Soon. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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