Friday, 2 October 2015

No Business Like Snow Business

If there's one thing that the Stainmore line is famous for, it's snow. LOTS OF SNOW!!

Bleathgill was the scene of remarkable snow fall throughout the lines history. Here, there is a deep rock cutting. Extraordinary snow scenes were witnessed here, particularly in severe winter of 1947. 

The common snow plough working with two engines tender to tender and a plough at both ends
It is our pleasure to share with you images this marvelously modeled snow plough by Phil. 

 The section of line between Stainmore Summit and Belah always suffered problems with high snow fall. The ploughs were used often. When out of use, they would normally be found in the sidings at Kirkby Stephen East. It is our hope that some of the extraordinary snow scenes witnessed over Stainmore can be recreated. One of the challenges to this is making snow drifts that can be cleared by a plough. Nothing like this has been released yet. However, it appears a German developer has worked on 'functional snow drift'. Watch this video. At 6:29 you'll see the snow drift object being placed in the editor. The snow blower carves a channel in the drift, and it stays that way for the duration of the scenario. Now we know it can be done! Hopefully we can come up with something similar.

More Soon. . . . . . . . . 


  1. But wait... There's more! Pictures showing Phil's working particle emitters to follow. They work automatically when the Plough moves forward in winter season, but not when trailing or when there's no snow.

  2. Hello! Will this route be released as a freeware or a downloadable purchase? Any ETAs?