Tuesday, 29 March 2016

'Scene' It, Done It. . . . . . . . .

  DUE TO THE demands of everyday life, progress reports have been few and far between of late. However, recently Ben sent through some progress images and a brief report, which I'll present below:

  "There's been quite a bit of progress on Stainmore. It's all scenery really, but I've done most of the field boundaries between KS and Appleby and a fair bit of terrain painting and farms, trees and telegraph poles. Starting to feel like a route!"

 "It's at the tediously boring stage of scenery, but the lineside fencing and telegraphs are pretty much done. If you look at the Kirkby Stephen East to Appleby section, you'll see some progress."

  So, now, following Ben's advice, we'll take a look at said section:

Looking at Kirkby Stephen East the scene around the station is slowly coming together
Looking west at KSE. The Stainmore Line goes off to the left, with the Eden Valley line heading off to the right.
A farm alongside the railway at KSE. The near line is the Eden Valley line, which we'll follow to Appleby
The beauty of the Eden Valley route is being delightfully recreated here by Ben
Soon after leaving KSE, the Eden Valley line reaches it's first river crossing
Musgrave Viaduct
Looking west off Musgrave platform end
One of the many beautifully detailed cuttings on the Eden Valley
That concludes our brief look at some progress on the route. It's slowly getting there! Many sections of the route are now looking largely complete. 

Another major task to carry out is signalling the whole route. We're looking for assistance with this. If you are interested in helping with signalling, please Contact Us. That would involve making custom signals for the routes.

More Soon. . . . . . . . . . .

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