Tuesday, 15 May 2018

WCML Signal Boxes

The mammoth project to recreate the much-missed Stainmore Route, and the Eden Valley, as well as the section of WCML that links them, is nearing completion. Scenery work is almost complete. Audio work is now in progress. Enjoy the following tour of the WCML section of the route, by means of the many signal boxes found along the way, beginning at Grayrigg.

Scenery begins here at Grayrigg
The approach to Tebay
North of Tebay. The Stainmore line is branching of to the left of the signal box
The iconic location Scout Green
Shap Summit
The station at Shap
Eden Valley Junction. The pair of lines heading off to the left is the Eden Valley route to Kirkby Stephen.
 Look out for news soon of the locos and rolling stock to be included with the route. But here's a brief rundown:
  • Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0
  • Holden E4 2-4-0
  • Standard 4 2-6-0(New Model)
  • Standard 4 4-6-0
  • Midland 2P
  • Carriages: BR Mark Ones; LMS P1; LNER Teak
  • A range of appropriate wagons
And lets not forget the whole route is full of custom buildings created by Phil Baines. This route is sure to provide thousands of hours fun and entertainment!!

MORE SOON. . . . . . . 


  1. What a great set of pictures! It's been a long haul, but the route looks absolutely amazing. A first day buy for me...!

  2. Any pre-release copies for those who express an interest. A definite buy for me, knowing that part of the world...

  3. I personally am awaiting for the release of this route as i am also looking for the dt 4mt loco and tender to enable me to complete several scenarios which require this loco and is no longer available from dt