Sunday, 30 March 2014

Stainmore Route Early Development

Kirby Stephen to Stainmore Summit

Join us as we travel east along the Stainmore line, between Kirby Stephen East and Stainmore Summit. You'll see the early progress around Kirby Stephen, as well as the wonderful bridges and viaducts that have been made for the route.

Video of Kirby Stephen East Departure

Standard 2MT 78019 Climbs Away From Kirby Stephen East

Note that in the following images and videos, a lot of the terrain is still bare. Some scenery items are in there purely as placeholders. Click on the images for original full-sized versions.

Travelling Eastwards Towards Stainmore Summit

And Now the Climb From Belah to The Summit

The BR Standard  Continues Climbing As it Crosses the Impressive Belah Viaduct

Hopefully, in the near future, some words will appear on this blog from our team leader Ben Yates about the work he's carrying out in preparation for sharing route building duties with myself.

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