Monday, 17 March 2014

The Blank Canvas, Into the Beginnings of an Epic Route


  The project is under the overall care and supervision of Ben Yates. Ben is an excellent route builder. He's really demonstrated his talents with the popular freeware route Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway.

  One of Ben's first tasks, was to lay the track. However, along with that was a need to develop a list of all the assets that would be required to make the route unique in looks. We don't want another generic looking route! Here enters our second member of the team - Phil Baines. Phil's modeling skills are right up there! He has been involved in making buildings, rolling stock and more for Train Simulator for some time. Getting Phil on board was a no-brainer. He immediately got to work on what has to be one of the most spectacular railway structures ever built - Belah Viaduct. But, before that, Phil made a hugely significant little asset. Can you think of what it is? Yes, the Stainmore Summit sign...........................

With most of the track laid and the Stainmore Summit sign in place, this was a hugely encouraging and motivating moment! We were now ready for further developments to progress. A few days later, Ben sent me a WIP picture of Belah Viaduct, and then I began to appreciate what a fantastic team we have pulled together for this project. Anyway, back to the topic of Organization. Ben has sent Phil a list of priority items that are a MUST. Also, are less important assets, but still worth making if we're going to make things as accurately as possible. Ben has also taken the time to plow through his past repaints of old Kuju items and come up with quite a few useful items. The next few pictures illustrate this gathering of assets, lofts and more........................................
A small selection of houses
Roads and pathways

Various platform textures
Lineside huts

Stone walls

Old Kuju Brick Bridge, Repainted for Dark Stone

Coming along to our next blog post, in a few  days time, and we'll show you a few of the major civil engineering masterpieces, which Phil has already built. We'll also bring you a report on one of the steam locomotives being built for the line.

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